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Listen to the greatest mind and Get Inspired with Ambesh Tiwari

About The Ambesh Tiwari Show

The Ambesh Tiwari Show is a seasonal podcast where Ambesh meets and interacts with stellar leaders from various industries. The podcast is aimed at entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of the race track and are passionate to see it till the end. Ambesh's mission is to impact the lives of as many young entrepreneurs as possible and help them kickstart their journeys. And what better way to achieve it by the most compelling and ancient method of stories? In Season 2, ZERO to ONE, listen to the success stories of inspiring personas and get a chance to dig the hidden gold behind their challenging stories and learn how they all made the leap from Zero to One.

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What’s in it for you?

Get to know how successful leader thinks.

Know how they comeout from wrost situations

Learn form others experience and grow in your life

Know industry leaders and connect with them.

Highlights of Season 1 of The Ambesh Tiwari Show

Season 1 theme : Journey of Middle Class Entrepreneur

Season 1 Guests

Amol Anand

Co-founder of Loom Solar

Amol Anand is the co-founder of Loom Solar - an award-winning solar company

Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Founder of Digital Dhairya

Dhairya Singh Chauhan is a leading Digital Coach dedicated to educating thousands of people. 

Aditya Chandra

Founder of Book My Meal

Aditya Chandra is the founder of BookMyMeal who took the first of its kind initiative of the cloud kitchen approach in Tier-2 cities.

About host

Ambesh Tiwari

Ambesh Tiwari is the Founder and Director of Start-up India recognized company, BDA Technologies Private Limited. As a marketing and branding evangelist, he has over 8 years of experience in implementing online and offline strategies for companies like Zen Technologies and JCM Incorporation. An ever-enthusiastic entrepreneur, he has recently launched a community platform for entrepreneurs called StartupAccel. His whole-hearted mission and vision is to uplift all entrepreneurs who are willing to shine and grow. 

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"While is it wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experieces of others"

- Rich Warren

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