About Host

Ambesh Tiwari is the founder of BDA Technologies and a personal branding consultant. He also hosts this podcast show which recently made a place in the list of popular business podcasts by iTunes. Within 3 months of time, this podcast got love of 1000+ listeners.


What listeners are saying

“I started listening to podcasts courtesy to you. I get to learn a lot from your episodes. Thank you for starting this podcast.  .”

— Rahul Singh, Student
“This podcast is amazing. A gold mine for the budding entrepreneur. Highly recommended. Thanks Ambesh." 

— Suraj Kumar, Founder
“What I like in this podcast that every episode will have a new guess and give you a new perspective to think and apply in your startups.”

— Chitra Mishra, Founder


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Ambesh Tiwari
An Entrepreneurial Marketer